# Attitude

  • Client focus
  • Value
  • Personal Attributes

+ Skills & Competencies

  • Qualifications
  • Functional experience
  • Management experience
  • Leadership

= Client Value

  • Success factor
  • References

Way of Working

  • You know that success in our business is exclusively defined by what you achieve for your client
  • You are willing and able to engage as an entrepreneur
  • You can demonstrate a proven track record of building long term relationships with clients and partners
  • Your attitude matches with the team and your skills are ideally complementary
  • Want to join us?

    Should you be interested in joining a non-corporate, partnership organisation that is passionate about value delivery and client focus – here is your opportunity. At Aurelia Consulting attitude is more important than any particular skill. A minimum of 20 years of relevant business experience is nevertheless required to be successful.