Welcome to today's world of IT projects

New technologies

like machine learning, IoT, artificial intelligence, big data, mobile, cloud / hybrid / on premise deployment scenarios – all providing new opportunities and a promise of reduced complexity.

Revolutionary innovations

like SAP’s HANA database have already left the news rooms while most are still running on traditional, relational databases.

Innovator’s dilemma

when new technologies cause great firms to fail – disruptive innovations are changing business reality at unprecedented speed.

Established organisations

are often locked into maintaining legacy solutions and, for good reasons, not keen on launching the large-scale implementation projects of the past.


the essence of what makes successful projects has not changed.

New possibilities providing new opportunities – is it getting all easy now?

Modern technologies (cloud, mobile, big data, etc.) and methodologies (agile vs. waterfall) allow for faster deployments and unprecedented business opportunities.

Despite opposite promises many of us are observing a substantial increase in technological complexity requiring new and different skills at all levels of involved personnel. In parallel, digitization calls for reduction of organisational complexity. This is not an easy task for historically grown businesses. And all of this needs to be delivered faster than ever before without being granted the grace of a scope freeze. Why? Simply because business keeps changing faster than ever.

Does all of this change the fundamentals of how we run projects? Probably not. But it definitely requires shifting focus from deployment to preparation and planning. We have seen the same paradigm shift happening in other industries like commercial construction (power plants, oil rigs, airports, etc.) before.

The call to action is not just to run good projects but to do it even better. Find out how Aurelia Consulting can help you run your projects better.